What Is PKI?

PKI authentication (or public key infrastructure) is a framework for two-key asymmetric encryption and decryption of confidential electronic data. By way of digital certificate authorization, management, and authentication, a PKI can secure private data that is exchanged between several parties, which can take the form of people, servers, and systems. If you want to learn more about how PKI can be used in your life and your business? Contact Securetron and see how we can help you get the authentication you need today.

What Are Digital Credentials?

Digital credentials are the digital equivalent of a signature on a piece of paper. They can also act as a digital version of identity documents issued by trusted parties such as government organizations. They are used to establish a persons privileges, characteristics and identity in the electronic world. Physical identity credentials are coming under increasing pressure from counterfeiting and other fraudulent use. They also cannot be used easily by electronic devices such as mobile phones and personal computers. Digital credentials resolve some of these issues.

Popular Ways PKI Security IS Used.

  • Securing emails

  • Securing web communications (such as retail transactions)

  • Digitally signing software

  • Digitally signing applications

  • Encrypting files

  • Decrypting files

  • Smart card authentication